Vocational Training CentreIncubation Centre (VTCIC)

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A Vocational Training Centre/Incubation Centre (VTC/IC) set up by the National Small Industries Corporation of India (NSIC), under the India Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) decision, was successfully handed over to the Ministry of Youth, Employment and Professional Training of the Government of Burkina Faso on 3rd November 2016 at a small function organized on the premises of the Centre for Professional Training, Employment & Insertion (CEFPO), Ouagadougou.

2. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Vocational Training and Insertion (MYVTI) and a representative from the High Commission of India, Accra participated in the handing over event.

3. The VTC/IC would be instrumental in imparting a wide range of skill development to Burkinabe youth aimed at enhancing employment opportunities and entrepreneurship through initiation of small businesses.  The Center would train Burkinabe in industrial nail cutting, oil extraction, plastic extrusion and packaging, water filtering, toilet paper and tissue making, brick making, tomato processing, juice extraction, mobile phone repairing and hardware networking.

4. The successful completion of Vocational Training Centre/Incubation Centre (VTC/IC) project is an important milestone in India’s partnership with Burkina Faso in its journey of growth and prosperity through capacity building and developmental assistance.  It is another successful example of India’s commitment to South-South cooperation through sharing of expertise, know-how and technology thus helping in achieving social progress and economic prosperity of friendly developing countries. The project also marks the fulfillment of a commitment made by India under the rubric of India Africa Forum Summit to be a steadfast and reliable partner in Africa’s journey of transformation through development.


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